High school

We work on all dimensions of their training, with the aim of training young people of integrity, with a sense of belonging and the necessary skills to function in the world. We broaden the intellect, strengthen the body, and cultivate the spirit.

A través del departamento de orientación y consejería estudiantil, nuestros estudiantes reciben todo el apoyo necesario para encontrar la carrera apropiada e ingresar a las universidades.

  • Educación General Básica Superior: octavos, novenos y décimos
  • Bachillerato General Unificado: primero de Bachillerato
  • Bachillerato Internacional: Segundo y Tercero de Bachillerato


Next, we detail the class schedules for the students of the different sections that will attend the school in person. Attendance will be from Monday to Friday.

High school: 7h30 a 7h45 a 14h35

School year 2021 - 2022

List of school supplies
List of school supplies

Below you can download the lists of supplies for the school year 2022 - 2023:

Pledge of Allegiance - 2021

Pledge of Allegiance - 2021